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BrickScapes by Belden is a new product line in the outdoor living and outdoor enhancement market. Born from the desire to create quality outdoor living products to meet the needs of many market areas, BrickScapes by Belden is manufacturing products that can be quickly produced and delivered to your project. BrickScapes by Belden require no major assembly at the project site. Simple preparation of the base materials and drop in the product and you are ready to use. Some products require no preparation at all! Our outdoor living/enhancement products are made from quality materials and are tested to last. Proper steel framing and quality brick products not only make our products look amazing but also can stand the test of time.

The Belden Brick Company has partnered with The Tubar Eureka Industrial Group to create outdoor living products and outdoor enhancement products for both commercial and residential applications. The Belden Brick Company, a quality leader in brick manufacturing for 130 years, and the Tubar Eureka Industrial Group, a leader in material handling equipment and machine shop fabrication for 117 years, have come together to deliver products that are made from natural quality materials and provide the most aesthetically pleasing products to your home or business. No colors that fade or products that deteriorate. These products are built to last. Both companies are located in Sugarcreek, OH and are American owned and operated.

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